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Welcome to HyperQuotient

We are working on bringing the Metaverse into a reality by offering a wide array of Virtual Reality Integrated business models to existing businesses. We are revolutionizing the concept of Human Interactions by introducing XR as the future & pivot of your immersive brand promotion campaigns . We offer the development of a variety of Extended Reality based experiences & Gamified Virtual Marketing techniques that will ensure customer engagement and brand retention, the priority!

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Why Partner With Us

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Virtual Reality Game

Metaverse Content Development

Industry Leading XR technology Solution Provider

Custom Branded AR/VR/MR Platforms

Best in Class XR Consultancy Services

Web3.0 Integration

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Kickstart Your Metaverse Journey

Our Platform enables companies and brands to establish their presence in the metaverse, by launching their own Virtual Stores & Offices. Bridge the gap between Physical & Virtual Worlds and engage customers with this futuristic social experience.

Define Your Virtual 3D Space

We are the architects & builders of your Virtual space. We understand your concepts and co-ordinate with your team to align with your vision. Unsure of where to begin? We create your brand world in 3D, as a virtual asset that can be used across multiple metaverse platforms and introduce your Web3 presence.

Deploy a Self Hosted & Branded Metaverse

Start by launching your branded virtual world on your own site where you are in control and need not share customer data with third-parties. We offer pure Decentralization with No external Land lords in the picture. Our unique platform enables fully capable e-commerce integration for physical products as well as NFTs on your virtual store.

Launch on Other Metaverse Platforms

Ready to purchase your first virtual land on popular global platforms OR already bought the land ? Now launch your virtual asset there by partnering with our Development team.  Decide which metaverse platforms have the audiences that are the best match for your brand. Our team will develop and deploy your virtual store on any of the market leading platforms of your choice.

Request a quote to have us build and maintain your own unique virtual world.
Claim your custom branded space in the Metaverse.

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Our Global Community

Developer Community Networks and Tech stack

Unsure of where to start with your Metaverse journey? 
We have got you covered with our global development team.

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Our Clients

Featured Domestic Brands in India

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Social AR Instagram

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Markstone Fashions

Virtual Storefront in Metaverse

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DaWa Books

South India's First

Metaverse Book Launch Event

Our Services

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Virtual Reality

Futuristic technology for the best immersive experience

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Augmented Reality

Liberate your imagination with AR & Maximise the target audience reach. 

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Metaverse Content Development

Launch your own Virtual Storefront.

Connect with clients in the Metaverse.

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Games & Experience centers

Unlock your Virtual Reality Quotient with our exclusive VR Games & Adventure experiences

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NFTs & Crypto Consulting

Be a part of our NFT community. Drop your own NFT projects or Be among the first ones to know about major NFT drops.

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360 Virtual Tours

An entire virtual world within your reach

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Industries Served

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The next frontier in the digital space


Custom tailored to align with your institution

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Marketing & Advertising

Brand promotion campaigns

Real Estate

Virtual walkthrough experiences

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Gaming & Entertainment

Exclusive VR simulators & Adventures

Shopping & Retail

From E-commerce to Virtual Commerce

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Architecture & Engineering

Virtual Product showcase & Demo

Healthcare & Fitness

Virtual Therapy & VR Workout Sessions

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Culture & Heritage

Learn about history by experiencing it


Travel Virtually Anywhere without restrictions

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Our Solutions

We develop end-to-end solutions custom tailored for our client's unique needs. 
We even assist the brands to ensure hassle-free final deployment of their campaign to the end users. The client can choose any of the below solutions OR can combine multiple ones for better engagement based on their target group of customers.

XR Solutions

Ever dreamed of being teleported into the future, limited only by your imagination? We offer customizable and fully immersive Virtual Worlds a.k.a your branded Metaverses for your own use cases like Meetups/ Simulations/ Experiences/ Trainings etc. Now start dreaming with your eyes open.

3D Solutions

Imagine a fully configurable product offering in 3D allowing your potential customers to explore and interact with it virtually before the purchase happens. Now it's possible with a fraction of cost with our best in class 3D solutions. Upgrade your brand's E-Commerce experience to the next level.

Web Solutions

Looking for an exciting marketing campaign to go viral on social media and outperform your customer reach goals? Deploy it as a Web based experience with the help of our team. Capable of accessing with any of the popular browsers out there and with any of the devices like Smartphones (Android/iOS) / PCs (Windows/Mac) / VR Glasses etc.

No App installs needed at all.

App Solutions

We develop XR tech enabled fully scalable modular applications for your specific requirements. Fully branded / White-listed Apps ready to be deployed on the platform of your choice.

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Online Immersive Shopping Experiences

Forget E-Commerce, soon it will be all about Virtual Commerce.

AR in E-commerce is the latest and immersive way for consumers to experience your products in

App-less Augmented Reality (Web AR) direct from your existing e-com website.

Virtual Try-On

Potential customers can view your product in 3D Augmented Reality with a 360 degree viewing experience from the comfort of their own home.

Increase Conversion Rates

Boost your sales & increase customer conversion rates by offering a higher level of product and brand engagement.

No App Required

Your website visitors don't need to download an app to view your AR e-commerce experience. Works on all platforms & devices with a basic web browser. Increase the customer reach of your marketing campaigns.

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Our Brands

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